Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hudson - Ten months

His stats:

Weight - 20.2 pounds
Height - 75 cm

His likes/dislikes:

He has just learned to pull himself up to a standing position, so that is a favourite activity now. He also loves to point (especially at plants/trees).

He dislikes his carseat after daycare when we're stopped at a light. He's fine when we are driving, but hates it when we're stopped (full on cry mode).

His adventures:

He got his first sports ball, and much to the Hubs' horror it was a soccer ball. Soon the golf clubs and tennis rackets will be introduced (no pressure, Hudson.).

He went to the park again to enjoy the swing, which he loves.

We celebrated his grandmother's 60th birthday.

And he spent time with his lovely cousin.

He also spent time trying to master pea pick-up using only a pointer finger (not overly successful).

The boy loves to snooze  (but still never manages to sleep through the night - the stinker!).

He also got in plenty of time with his box of toys.

Thoughts on the month:  

Hudson seems to change by the day, and I am so grateful that I'm able to spend so much time with him. I love him to pieces. We've gotten into a good work/daycare routine that involves us all driving in together in the morning. Hudson snoozes (although I think he's going to start staying up as it gets lighter) while me and dad chat (90.5% of the talking is done by me).

This month I realised that you have to take "me time" and "couple time" to avoid breakdowns. I definitely had a breakdown this month where I felt that I was losing my identity. Being a mother is one part of who I am, and when it takes up so much of your day and your thoughts you can easily forget the other aspects.

Off for an evening pram walk,


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hudson - Nine months

His stats:

Weight - 19.4 pounds

Height - 74 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

Loves climbing on people and exploring. In particular, he loves exploring anything he's not supposed to.

Dislikes when I'm late taking him for his morning walk. The boy loves the outdoors (and I hope he always does).

His adventures:

He hung out with his cousin again. They took turns crying.

He explored outside, and since it was freezing he got a chance to try his warm jacket.

He learned how to take a good "selfie".

New changes this month:

He's improved in the one-arm drag crawling, but seems uninterested in learning to crawl properly.

He sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time.

Thoughts on the month:  

Hudson had a dose of antibiotics, and finally started getting better. But he's still a snot-face. We're absolutely loving this age though, because he's so much fun. He chats to himself and always makes us laugh. I love watching him explore his environment.

Off to watch Hudson sleep (yeah, I'm a creepy baby stalker),


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hudson - Eight months

His stats:

Weight - 18.8 pounds

Height - 73.5 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves to play with his box of toys. It's so cute to see him dig in the box for different toys and then examine them.

He also loves airplane rides by Dad.

He dislikes sleeping (apparently). The little stinker has become a terrible sleeper. He's getting up 3-4 times per night which makes for grouchy parents (the Hubs may have even commented that he didn't like nighttime Babs. In his defense, she is pretty cranky).

His adventures:

He started to crawl! Well, more like drag himself across the floor with one arm, but still impressive.

He'll crawl for wipes. We did buy him baby toys, I promise.

He's such a happy baby!

He has plenty of walks.

New changes this month:

He's starting to sit really well and for long periods of time.
Thoughts on the month:    

It was a tough month (hence the super late post). Hudson was sick for almost all of it, which I think is the reason for the weightloss. My maternal nurse and doctor were not overly worried, but I freaked out a bit. Hopefully now that he's feeling better (and eating more solids), he'll put on the pounds and he my chunky little man again.  

I also had two big projects explode at the same time at work, which meant long hours. The Hubs gave notice at his job, so he was busy finishing up last minute things. It was just a crazy, crazy month!

This post is short, because 9 months is next week!

 Off to clean,



Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hudson - Seven months

His stats:

Weight - 19.8 pounds

Height - 71 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

Still loves walks in the pram, although his face still says otherwise.

Grill watching remains high on the list. And new fun includes banging his hand on the table.

He loves getting carried in the bouncer, which is usually where he sits while we eat our dinner.

Dislikes - being hungry.

His adventures:

He met his 1st cousin, and within 5 seconds of me holding her he screamed with jealousy. I guess he wanted her to know she needed to get her own mommy, because I'm taken.

He's been going to sing-a-long time at the library. I can't say he's a fan of it, but maybe he'll catch on.

New changes this month:

He enjoys standing a lot (with assistance, of course). He's also getting better at unassisted sitting.

He's going well with the solids. It took a few weeks before he started to enjoy things.

He loves watermelon.

He started using a jumperoo.

 He's growing like a weed!

He was sick for the first time (darn daycare!). It was a 24hr bug that involved a lot of throwing up, and lots of cuddles with dad.

And a really big change for the lil man is his very first tooth! It popped through on my birthday, so I like to think of it as a little present from him ;)

Thoughts on the month:    

I am overwhelmed on a daily basis with how much I love him. It's amazing to watch him grow, and I feel honored to be his mom. He has the most incredible belly laugh.

 Off to read in bed,


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hudson - Six Months

His stats:

Weight - 18.5 pounds

Height - 69 centimeters

His likes/dislikes:

He loves clapping, songs, and getting a good bounce on his bouncer (he kicks his little feet so hard to go fast).

He dislikes being hungry and that's about it. He's really an incredibly happy and sweet baby.  And he can sleep in very strange positions.

His adventures:

This week was his first time in daycare. I think it was hardest on dad! I'm just grateful that he only has to go one day for a bit (then two days from June onwards).

He explored the clothes basket.

He went to the park for his first slide and swing ride. He didn't seem overly thrilled with either. I suppose he's still a little young, but I thought for sure he'd love the swing because he loves the wind on his face.

He also got his first visit from the Easter bunny.

And he celebrated Auntie Chels' birthday. He was mesmerized by the candles.

New changes this month:

He started solids a few days ago. We're doing a combination of baby led weaning and traditional.
He's had the following so far:
  • organic carrot
  • rolled oats (blended into a flour and mixed with water)
  • organic plum (he was a big fan)
  • organic apple
  • avocado

There has been a surprising amount of bib eating.

Thoughts on the month: 

I cannot believe my little baby is celebrating his half-birthday! Time is flying. I realised just how much he's grown when I was putting away his newborn clothes.

He looks massive!

He's turning into a little boy.

Off to clean some dishes,